Afterthought Software is an established software and hardware product development company.
Consultancy Services

Prototype & Embedded Software

As experienced problem solvers we talk to our clients to fully understand their requirements. Our experience of going from idea to prototype through to manufactured product allows us to create the best product to solve your problems.

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Product Development & Hardware Design

Making good products is hard, so the end product needs considering from day one. For hardware, manufacturability, as well as function, must be considered early on. For software, upgradability in the field, as well as features, are often keys to success.

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User interface

Working with the latest web technologies we are able to deliver secure, robust and easy-to-use user interface applications. A usable user interface is vital for many products so we invest time and effort to ensure that our applications are pain-free for end-users.

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Why choose us?

As a small company we understand the importance of your project to you and we strive to produce the right solution first time. We value honesty in communication, simplicity in implementation and automation in testing.

All work is carried out in-house at our Bristol office and we support UK manufacturing for the prototypes and products. Whether you require "bare-metal" software running on a low-power device, a more capable embedded Linux board or a high-power multi-processor system, we’ll be able to provide a high-quality solution.