A right royal breakfast

Published 09 September 2013 under regency, talks, news

This month, Afterthought Software were invited to give a talk at the Regency Offices breakfast. During the talk, director Andy Duller shares insights into how to make IT work for businesses.

Focussing on how and where software can help in small businesses, Andy speaks about automating tasks as much as possible, especially those which aren't core to your business.

"The right software doesn't get in your way, it should free up the time to concentrate on what's important in your business." says Andy.

Getting the right software isn't always easy and communication between you and developers is vital in order to get software your business needs to thrive.

The talk coincides with the launch of Afterthought Software's initiative to help its customers get started on projects by offering a day of no-obligation development.

Regency Offices host a breakfast event each month with one or two guest speakers.


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