Afterthought Software gives clients ultimate control

Published 23 July 2012 under news, software

Afterthought Software customers can now monitor and influence every stage of their product’s completion thanks to the company’s new Customer Relationship Management system.

The new system was customised by Afterthought Software engineer Alex Duller using Redmine, an open-source project management system. After logging in at clients can now see exactly what progress has been made with their order in real time.

Critically, clients can also download the latest version of their software and test it immediately after the latest update. They can also leave comments for the Afterthought team that ensure the final product is exactly what the client wants. “The more control the client has over the development process the more likely we will deliver the final product they want,” explains Alex. “It is too easy for there to be misunderstandings or for the client to change their mind once they see something in action.

“We designed this new system to ensure that clients can follow everything we do and give instant feedback. It’s no good going away, putting in weeks of work, and then finding out there was a miscommunication.”

This latest advance in Afterthought Software’s system is in line with their use of Agile software development practices, which emphasises client involvement and flexible responses to changing needs.

“Our clients love the new system because it makes everything transparent and they can be confident that they won’t lose control of the project,” Alex says.

“It also gives us the confidence that we are delivering exactly what the client wants. Everybody wins.”


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