Afterthought Software praised by client during prototype handover

Published 15 August 2012 under news, clients

Afterthought Software has been praised by a client for delivering a prototype device "on time, within budget, and exceeding expectations."

The prototype for improving connectivity at home was handed over to Martin Sotheran and Peter Claydon of ContinuumBridge Limited at our offices this week. The project involved both hardware and software engineering. Peter Claydon said: "Afterthought Software have been excellent to work with on this project. They have carried out our brief to the letter. The prototype is an excellent first stage in our development of a commercially manufactured device.

"We can now use this prototype in our demonstrations to potential business partners and potential customers. We hope to continue working with Afterthought as the project progresses."

Afterthought Software director Andy Duller said working with ContinuumBridge had been both challenging and exciting. "We had to set up a micro-manufacturing unit on a desk in our office, sourcing lots of electronic hardware. The software work proved equally challenging and we are very proud to have received such positive feedback from Martin and Peter upon delivering their prototype."


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