Afterthought Website Launch

Published 10 September 2013 under website

Today Afterthought Software is excited to share its brand new website with the world. The site has been designed and developed in-house with the primary aim of making it clearer as to what services we offer.

As part of the site launch we are offering to help people get started with their projects by doing a day of no-obligation work. This means that you can put us to the test with absolutely no risk! We're confident that we can produce something quickly that you'll love. Simply fill in your email address on our home page and we'll be in touch to confidentially discuss your requirements.

The blog has also been re-integrated into the site and we have some fantastic content coming your way very soon!!

The news stories were previously written on the Blogger platform and imported on the fly. We've now integrated those more fully into our site so that blog posts, news stories and product descriptions are all written in Markdown. Markdown focusses on content rather than presentation and is a great way of adding content to any website.

We love hearing from our readers so we've added comments to news stories using the same Disqus comments already being used on the blog posts and product description pages.


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