Byron becomes our "Scrum Master"

Published 09 May 2012 under news

Afterthought Software engineer, Byron Bradley, has gained his certification as our official Scrum Master.

Scrum is a project management discipline which is widely used in the software development sector.

Earning the Certified ScrumMaster designation certifies familiarity with Scrum, the development process that allows teams to deliver usable software periodically throughout the life of a project, absorbing change and new requirements as the project proceeds.

The Master is the person responsible for keeping the team focused and delivering results.

Certified ScrumMasters are capable of facilitating a Scrum and can be responsible for removing or resolving issues that impede a team's ability to achieve goals.

Byron says: "The Scrum Master course was incredibly interesting and will be extremely useful within our company. Our own Scrum system had been largely ad hoc but through the course we have gained the expertise to follow the Scrum system with greater discipline."

Byron adds: "Scrum is an invaluable methodology for software engineers like ourselves. A key principle of Scrum is accepting that clients can change their minds about what they want and need, so the development team must be able to respond quickly to changing requirements. Software engineers call this 'rapid iteration'.

"As Scrum Master my role is not to lead but to make sure everyone in the team is answerable and is completing the tasks under their ownership.

"At Afterthought Software we start the day with a stand up meeting, where everyone talks about what they did yesterday and what they are going to do today. Everyone is encouraged to share problems, so our collective expertise and experience is available to everyone. This methodology is welcomed by clients and achieves more user-friendly software."


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