Afterthought Software develops a kitchen monitor for dementia sufferers

Published 14 October 2014 under software, hardware

Designability have engaged the services of Afterthought Software to develop a Kitchen Minder which helps dementia sufferers by alerting them if they have left their cooker on by accident and automatically switching it off if smoke is detected.

Using a Z-Wave smoke detector the Kitchen Minder detects smoke in the kitchen and automatically switches off the cooker via a remote Z-Wave switch. Once the smoke has cleared from the kitchen, the user is able to re-apply power to their cooker by pressing a single button attached to the kitchen minder device.

The interface is designed to be very easy to use and includes both visual and audio cues in order to guide the user and to keep them safe. With the prototype developed by Afterthought Software, Designability will now be able to trial the device in a home.


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