Happy First Birthday To Us!

Published 27 October 2012 under news, birthday

Afterthought Software is celebrating its first birthday this month, following a successful and challenging 12 months in business.

The company has won projects from a range of prestigious clients and received testimonials for its work.

The company was formed when software engineers Andy Duller, Alex Duller and Byron Bradley decided they shared a vision.

Director Andy Duller says it has been the most exciting and satisfying year of his career.

He says: "We launched in a difficult economic climate but here we are a year later still trading and with a partnership that has worked well and is stronger than ever."

Major clients have included Deltenna, a leading wireless antenna manufacturer; and software house Pulsic.

As well as software, the company has also completed some hardware engineering projects, including a prototype console for people living with dementia, which was commissioned by the Bath Institute of Medical Engineering.

Another client, Continuum Bridge Ltd, recruited Afterthought Software to build a working model of a device for improving connectivity at home.

Director Byron Bradley says the plaudits they have received from clients over the year has been extremely encouraging. He adds: "Of course you do have difficult months when you first launch a business but the feedback from clients has really helped us to keep going, and win new work. We're now looking forward to more success during our second year in business."


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