Kent Relocation city guides launch

Published 27 January 2015 under website, software

After the successful launch of GT2go city guides in October last year, Afterthought Software have created a re-branded version of the application for Kent Relocation, a relocation company based in Australia.

GT2go is Going-There's city guide application which is full of useful and easily-accessible information for people relocating to a new city.

The rebrand, which has been designed by Designbull, has all the same functionality as GT2go and fits in with Kent Relocation's brand styling. It allows their users to automatically sign in from the existing Kent web portal avoiding the need to remember yet another password.

“It really looks fantastic!  An incredible job on this!  Congratulations on an extremely professional-looking site for our client!”
 — Debra Burton, VP at Going-There

There were some interesting technical challenges to implement the new system as some of the information such as the city guides needs to be shared between the Going-There system and the Kent system where as other data such as assignee users needs to be kept separate.

"There's great potential for the system to be rolled out to more companies in the future and this work has been essential in preparing the groundwork" says Alex Duller, technical lead on the project.


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