MiniManuscript website launch

Published 27 November 2012 under news, clients, software, website

We are delighted to announce that awarding-winning company MiniManuscript has engaged the services of Afterthought Software to develop and launch their website

MiniManuscript is a website where people work together to summarise academic literature. Users post condensed versions of research papers onto the site, along with associated media content, such as videos, podcasts and press coverage. By reading the MiniManuscript summaries, the user spends two minutes rather than two hours deciding whether a paper is relevant.

Over the course of two weeks, Afterthought Software took the work-in-progress website written in PHP and completed it. As well as fixing bugs, a number of features were added such as a dynamic slider on the front page. Alex Duller, Afterthought Software's technical lead on the project says 'MiniManuscript has huge potential and it is crucial the execution is right at these early stages'


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