Afterthought Software at XMOS hackathon

Published 16 October 2013 under hardware, news, hackathon, xmos

Directors Andy and Byron from Afterthought Software are attending a hackathon at XMOS in Bristol and getting to grips with the startKIT development board.

The startKIT is a low-cost multi-core microcontroller developed by XMOS which is ideal for a large number of applications from robotics to networking to digital audio.

"It's really easy to get started and get something running, the example code just works." remarks Byron Bradley. The board features a 3x3 LED array, a push-button and 2 sliders as well as a slice connector which allows any other XMOS slicecards to be connected.

Afterthought Software's director, Andy Duller says "This is a fantastic board and we're really excited about its potential uses"

XMOS have developed their own language based on C which provides ways for dealing with programming for multicore.

Find out more about the startKIT and sign up to get your hands on one for free!


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