RasClock now shipping in Canada and US!

Published 04 February 2014 under hardware, distributors, products, rasclock

Afterthought Software are happy to announce that today BuyaPi.ca have become a RasClock distributor in Canada.

BuyaPi.ca is one of Canada's leading retailers of microcomputers and micro-controllers, as well as their accessories. Based out of Ottawa, their web store ships across Canada and the US. They carry Raspberry Pi's, Arduinos, and a wide variety of accessories and other electronic components.

So, if you live in Canada head over to BuyaPi.ca to get your hands on the highly-accurate real-time clock for Raspberry Pi. In the rest of the world you can still get one through the marvellous ModMyPi.com. Acme Unlimited also stock the RasClock in the US.

From our very own Ward Orientation Clock (Combe Clock) to horological experiments to tracking customer flows in stores, we've been amazed by the immense variety of applications the RasClock has been used for. Its high accuracy (<2 minutes deviation per year) means that your Raspberry Pi doesn't need internet access for accurate time-keeping.

We'd love to hear what you use your RasClock for, do send us a message via our contact form to let us know.


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